The art of manifesting

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I am Dr. Tara Queen, a holistic practitioner. My purpose in life is to awaken the goddess in people so they could reach their full potential and serve others. 

What is my philosophy? Joy and happiness is our birthright! Success in all areas of life is: Spiritually, financially, physically, and psychologically whole. I believe everyone was placed on this planet for a reason and that we all have gifts and abilities to share with the world. 

I support people in creating a life for themselves. I served 20 years in healthcare and 7 years experiencing metaphysical science( the art of manifesting). My natural skills and abilities are a teacher of universal laws, showing others the greatness within themselves. I receive messages in dreams, vision, and have healing abilities. 

"For all I know is nothing if I can not demonstrate to others the change in my own life!"

Dr. Paul Masters~

This approach is a theocentric way of living. When tapping into consciousness like Christ mind you become aware of what is taking place around you and your place in the universe. This is the same hidden principles that Jesus taught his disciples. We don't have to be religious, it is a spiritual approach to life.  Become aware of your consciousness which is God's presence in creating your life. In the process you discover your talent, abilities, and God-given gifts!

Conscious woman or man see all things good and shift thier focus!

Set your own goals and good intentions. Write it down and be flexible. “Write down the vision; make it plain, so he may run who reads it.” (Habakkuk 2:2) Most people write down their career goals and never set intentions on a loving relationship they want to manifest. Still repeating the same unconscious behavior that programs their mind when they were a child. It’s a default system! Fix your computer chip (mind).

Success in every area of life is Love, health, wealth, and happiness! Reprogram your conscious mind and be aware of it. If not, it will input information not wanted and it will control your life unconsciously! The misery you feel or an unfulfilled life is because of you! Two people could be in the same situation; one depressed and miserable while the other peaceful, self-awareness, and resilience. Which one will recover faster and move on? Our mind is like a computer chip taking information in at a fast speed. The mind works for us or against us!

Could one avoid negatively, no? It will always be there. Just like a battery that has a negative and positive charge. One cannot work without the other. Negative life experiences it's actually still good, we just have to see it that way. “And we know all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) The negative feedback from the Universe is telling us to shift our focus.

What comes into one’s life is self-reflection. Awareness and good intention will manifest anything over a period of time. Never force it. Let go! Flow with the Cosmo life force. There is an African proverb that reads: “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do no harm.”

Life flows from inner to outter

Spiritual awaken stages

Stage 1: Emptiness, lost, and unhappy

Stage 2: Conscious aware/ perception change

Stage 3: A quest for answers and meaning of life

Stage 4: Found solutions and experiencing breakthrough

Stage 5: Recognize the difference between reality and illusion

Stage 6: Start the process of inner work

Stage 7: Expansion, joy, peace, balancing lower self with consciousness, in harmony with the Universe

Destiny is calling you

Life path and purpose

There is a reason why we all came to earth. The day we were born was no accident. 

Life path 1: Leader

Life path 2: Motivator/creator

Life path 3: communicator/ speaker

Life path 4: Builder/ problem solver

Life path 5: endless talent 

Life path 6: Server / responsible one

Life path 7: Thinker, analyze, the source of knowledge

Life path 8: manifest of the material world

Life path 9: Humanitarian

Life path 11: intuitive 

Life path 22: Humanity master

life path 33: a spiritual teacher

*Calculations examples: 1/3/1982

1+3 = 4 

1+9+8+2 =  20

4+2 = 6

This person would be a life path 6

*Always reduce to a single digit. 

People that come into our life comes with a divine message and signs from the universe. We must listen and pay attention!

We all have divine power. We attracted everything into our life up to this point. By being aware one could change the direction of these life forces to serve themselves and others for a higher purpose here on earth~

living a balanced life~


Always feel and express gratitude~ 

A dream writing down becomes a plan. A plan with a date becomes a goal. The goal accomplished becomes reality~

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